Saturday, October 10, 2009


So today we were outside clipping fingernails and Carter says something about the clouds. Then he says "God made them". I thought is was the sweetest thing!!!

A couple of days ago, Canyon told Nana "Mommy bought me some Cookie Crisp because it was on sale AND she had a coupon for it." So funny!!! He doesn't ask for things at the store, he just asks if I have a coupon or if it is on sale. He's learning young!!! So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Personalities...

A couple of weeks ago I bought the boys these little wooden boxes at Michaels and told them if they got 3 smiley faces they could paint them. Well, since Conner drew smiley faces all over the chart I decided since they had been pretty good that it was time. In a last ditch effort to get the boys to eat their peas, I told them if they ate ONE pea, they could paint their treasure box after dinner. My little eater, Conner, didn't mind and just gobbled all the peas. Carter was reluctant, but did eat his pea. Canyon was happy to eat his pea, but apparently his tastebuds didn't agree. He ran to the bathroom and threw up! UGH!!! Anyways, everyone got to paint their treasure boxes!!!

We used acrylic paint, and I knew I was going to have to hover to make sure they didn't paint anything or each other. Well, as I was watching them so intently, I learned a lot about them!

Canyon - I always knew he stuck his tongue out to concentrate, so this was nothing new. It is almost like he can't concentrate without sticking his tongue out though. He was very meticulous with his design and had to cover every single spot. He was very insistent on painting the inside as well.

Carter - Carter didn't need much time to paint his treasure box. Of course he used alot of pink, but he used the other colors as well. He didn't seem to notice that there were spots he didn't cover with paint, the spots his brothers worked so hard to avoid. Carter also does this funny wiggle thing with his tongue while he is working. He just puckers his lips a bit and wiggles his tongue side to side. Funny boy.

Conner - He is the one that really surprised me with his attention to detail. Conner sat there for at least 15 minutes longer than both brothers. And for a 3 year old, I was impressed. He worked very hard and put a lot of thought into his choices of color. Of course, I bought green just for him and he used a lot of green! While I watched his face, he seemed VERY focused and very serious. He did none of the other weird things with his tongue like his brothers.

Friday, June 12, 2009

That's NOT Chapstick!!!!

Okay, so this is how I found Conner...

He totally was using the glue stick he found as chapstick. UGH!!! No telling how much glue he ingested!!! My boys.
(Please ignore the lasagna mess all over him!)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Here are some pictures when we took the boys to the airshow back in April. They loved it so much, but Conner was asleep when the Thunderbirds took the sky!

And this is Conner during the LOUD Thunderbirds. I was cracking up!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I had to...

Okay, this is something that I probably shouldn't be posting, but it is too funny not to post. I want to remember this for sure.

So Andy was giving the kids a bath tonight and he noticed Canyon playing with his "berries", and he proceeded to tell Andy that he feels something in there, what is in there??? So Andy tells him that they are his testicles. So Canyon's response is "you mean like it the same as Squidward's last name - testicles?" (For those of you who don't watch Spongebob as much as we do, Squidward's last name is Tentacles!!!)


So we have been going to Chick-fil-a family night on Tuesday night. They do face painting, which we did for the first time a couple of weeks ago. First night, they didn't really know what to expect, but Canyon got a PINK and red glittery butterfly on his arm. And the twins both got red spiderman. Here's those pictures...

So tonight, we went again. Canyon had said he wanted either a flower or another butterfly, but decided on a zebra when the time came. The zebra was on his arm. Conner went next, and he wanted GREEN spiderman. Whatever, the lady who does it is super nice and said no problem. Well, then Carter's turn. And she shows him the colors and he wants a pink spiderman. He was very insistent on pink. UGH!!! So we had a pink and green spiderman at chick-fil-a and at Publix. I'm sure people thought I was abusing my poor child.

Anyways, so the funny thing was that Canyon came home and said he didn't want to get his face painted because his friends at school "wouldn't know his name with his face painted". What?? It was too funny!!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Real Quick...

Couple of things I sooooo didn't want to forget...

1.) Conner and Carter have been doing an amazing job with potty training. They go in the bathroom and do everything themselves, then Conner will just come and bring his undies and pants to have us put them back on him. Carter is so independent that he will get his pants back on himself, whether they are on correctly or not, even if we are there to help him. Oh, and they are sitters, so they take their pants all the way off every single time. UGH!!!!! Anywho... now to the funny part. They still haven't been going number two in the potty, only a couple of times actually. Well, we got some of the CARS race cars to reward them with hoping that would work, but it didn't. Both boys will tell you that they get a new race car when they do the deed, but they still wouldn't do it. So Conner did get one yesterday (YAY!), and daddy got a few more cars out of his prize stash and they were so excited. Conner wanted the Mario Andretti car so bad that he ran in a went number two in the potty right then!!! Andy and I about fell over. It was so funny and so exciting!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we will see how long it lasts, or how big the collection of race cars gets before this whole process is over. And Canyon felt extremely left out, so he is earning race cars by keeping his room and the toy room clean. If he can do it, I'll keep us well stocked in race cars, that's for sure. Mommy needs a little help in the cleaning department.

2.) I bought a couple of dresses at Marshall's the other day and I was trying them on for my mom while the boys were in the bathtub. I walked in wearing one of the dresses and Conner said that mommy looks like a princess like grandma! I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. I had to call Grandma right away!!! Too sweet!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Soccer 2009

So Canyon is playing soccer again this spring. Thank goodness, this is the first season he actually has PLAYED soccer. He is the big kid on the team now and he's really running around to get the ball and he's pretty good at kicking it down the field and into the goal. He misses the goal some too, but he's doing much better. Oh, and it also cracks me up because he doesn't really "get" the team part of it. He doesn't care who he is taking the ball from, but since we told him that he has to go and get the ball, that is exactly what he does. I feel bad for the other kids, but it is hilarious. He has been the kid picking flowers the past couple of seasons, so I guess it is his time.
The twins are also doing much better. I dreaded taking them to soccer games in the previous seasons, because they both would take off in opposite directions, and I never got to watch the game. But they are finally doing much better and just playing around where I am sitting and staying out of trouble, for the most part. In the fall, they will all 3 be on the same team since Canyon will still be 4 and the twins will be 3. Can't wait to see that!!!
Here's a few pictures...

Here's the pre-game huddle. They are pointing to the goal they will kick towards. This is only a minor problem. :-)

I wanted him to wear his sweatband headband thing, but he only wore if for like 30 seconds.

Snack time is everyone's favorite...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crazy Daisy!!!

Well, a few friends came over for dinner and to play a while back. Andrea brought the crazy daisy, which is basically a big flower that squrits water everywhere, and before we knew it, we had a backyard full of children running around in their underwear! It was a sight, so I thought I'd add the pictures for everyone to enjoy...

And the video of Ollie... (Ollie is funny, but the kids are way more funny)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daddy's Birthday at Magic Kingdom

Since Andy got in free for his birthday, we decided to go to Magic Kingdom for the day. Pretty soon we will start having to pay for all five of us, so might as well go while we can! The boys had a great time and loved the trains (including the monorail, tram, the people mover in tomorrowland, etc.). It was a really great time and Canyon thinks that his daddy had the best birthday ever!!!!! (Remember when we had daddy's birthday at Disney World?)

Oh, and I didn't charge the camera, so it died early in the day...UGH!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kids Say...

While I'm thinking about it, I wanted to post a few of the funny things the boys have said lately.


-I gave him some chocolate candy in the car and he had chocolate all over his hands. I made a comment about how I had no napkins or wipes to clean him up and he just said "Don't worry Mommy, I can just taste it off!" I thought it was the cutest thing!

-The other night, he was laying with me in bed. I was reading The Chocolate War, which has a character named Carter. I pointed to the name Carter and ask him what it said and he said Conner first, then Carter. I continued reading, and he pointed out a question mark. He said something about how he found a "mystery" and it has "a c with a line and a polka dot". I thought it was too funny. I asked him where he learned this and he quickly said Mickey Mouse (the mystery mouskatool is a question mark).


-The boys both have their "tee-tee". They both got attached to these "uncute" little bear blankie things that were once yellow. They have carried them around since they were little bity. So Carter has started chewing on his, which Conner hates when he picks up Carter's wet tee-tee, and Carter usually gets them both wet and nasty. So I've had to wash them as much as possible. Every time they come out of the dryer, it is a big deal, and Conner will smell it over and over and say "tastes good"!

More to come...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No Training Wheels!

I had to get this on today so Nana and Granny could see how great Canyon did on his bike. We have been encouraging him to try to ride without his training wheels and he has been very against it. Well, today he wanted to take the training wheels off, so daddy did. A couple of neighbor boys were outside playing with him, and he was having so much fun I don't think he realized that he was doing it! But he just rode and rode and rode all afternoon and had the greatest time and had the biggest smile on his face! So sweet!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Treasure Island

A few weeks ago, we went to the beach with Johnna, Aubrie, Papaw, Granny, and Nana. It was pretty chilly, so we didn't bring our swim trunks, just the sand toys.

Didn't take long for everyone to get wet... (the water was FREEZING, but Johnna got in because she said it was warm-crazy Kentucky people!!)

Canyon's pants wouldn't stay up...

Aubrie digging in the sand...

We all dug holes in the sand and tried to build some sand castles. Carter and Conner mostly just wanted to step on the sand castles.

And afterwards, we tried to get everyone dressed, but Carter just wanted to run away!!! He didn't care who saw, either...