Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Personalities...

A couple of weeks ago I bought the boys these little wooden boxes at Michaels and told them if they got 3 smiley faces they could paint them. Well, since Conner drew smiley faces all over the chart I decided since they had been pretty good that it was time. In a last ditch effort to get the boys to eat their peas, I told them if they ate ONE pea, they could paint their treasure box after dinner. My little eater, Conner, didn't mind and just gobbled all the peas. Carter was reluctant, but did eat his pea. Canyon was happy to eat his pea, but apparently his tastebuds didn't agree. He ran to the bathroom and threw up! UGH!!! Anyways, everyone got to paint their treasure boxes!!!

We used acrylic paint, and I knew I was going to have to hover to make sure they didn't paint anything or each other. Well, as I was watching them so intently, I learned a lot about them!

Canyon - I always knew he stuck his tongue out to concentrate, so this was nothing new. It is almost like he can't concentrate without sticking his tongue out though. He was very meticulous with his design and had to cover every single spot. He was very insistent on painting the inside as well.

Carter - Carter didn't need much time to paint his treasure box. Of course he used alot of pink, but he used the other colors as well. He didn't seem to notice that there were spots he didn't cover with paint, the spots his brothers worked so hard to avoid. Carter also does this funny wiggle thing with his tongue while he is working. He just puckers his lips a bit and wiggles his tongue side to side. Funny boy.

Conner - He is the one that really surprised me with his attention to detail. Conner sat there for at least 15 minutes longer than both brothers. And for a 3 year old, I was impressed. He worked very hard and put a lot of thought into his choices of color. Of course, I bought green just for him and he used a lot of green! While I watched his face, he seemed VERY focused and very serious. He did none of the other weird things with his tongue like his brothers.