Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Soccer 2009

So Canyon is playing soccer again this spring. Thank goodness, this is the first season he actually has PLAYED soccer. He is the big kid on the team now and he's really running around to get the ball and he's pretty good at kicking it down the field and into the goal. He misses the goal some too, but he's doing much better. Oh, and it also cracks me up because he doesn't really "get" the team part of it. He doesn't care who he is taking the ball from, but since we told him that he has to go and get the ball, that is exactly what he does. I feel bad for the other kids, but it is hilarious. He has been the kid picking flowers the past couple of seasons, so I guess it is his time.
The twins are also doing much better. I dreaded taking them to soccer games in the previous seasons, because they both would take off in opposite directions, and I never got to watch the game. But they are finally doing much better and just playing around where I am sitting and staying out of trouble, for the most part. In the fall, they will all 3 be on the same team since Canyon will still be 4 and the twins will be 3. Can't wait to see that!!!
Here's a few pictures...

Here's the pre-game huddle. They are pointing to the goal they will kick towards. This is only a minor problem. :-)

I wanted him to wear his sweatband headband thing, but he only wore if for like 30 seconds.

Snack time is everyone's favorite...

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