Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So we have been going to Chick-fil-a family night on Tuesday night. They do face painting, which we did for the first time a couple of weeks ago. First night, they didn't really know what to expect, but Canyon got a PINK and red glittery butterfly on his arm. And the twins both got red spiderman. Here's those pictures...

So tonight, we went again. Canyon had said he wanted either a flower or another butterfly, but decided on a zebra when the time came. The zebra was on his arm. Conner went next, and he wanted GREEN spiderman. Whatever, the lady who does it is super nice and said no problem. Well, then Carter's turn. And she shows him the colors and he wants a pink spiderman. He was very insistent on pink. UGH!!! So we had a pink and green spiderman at chick-fil-a and at Publix. I'm sure people thought I was abusing my poor child.

Anyways, so the funny thing was that Canyon came home and said he didn't want to get his face painted because his friends at school "wouldn't know his name with his face painted". What?? It was too funny!!!!!!

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