Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Playdough and Canyon's Picture

Today was Canyon's first swim lesson. I had to leave because he was throwing a fit, but as soon as I left, he did great! I forgot my camera, but I'll get some pics next time.

We also played with some play-doh this afternoon. The babies were very interested and actually sat still the entire time! I think Carter ate a little bit too, oh well.

And best of all, here is a picture Canyon drew a couple of nights ago. I was so impressed!! His cousin Macie who is 4 months younger has been drawing well for a long time, but Canyon just recently began holding his pencil correctly. Then to draw a picture of something that I immediately recognized was so exciting!!! I just had to share.

(It's Spongebob and Patrick. I'm not sure what that is between Patrick's legs??!!)

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