Monday, June 9, 2008

Carter's First Swim Lesson

On June 6, Carter had his first swimming lesson at the YMCA. We got there at 8:45-ish thinking it started at 9am and went ahead and got in the pool. By ten after 9, there was no sign of a class starting, so I began investigating. Yep, typical Constance, we got there an hour and a half early. Anyways, my point is that by the time it was time for his class, he was exhausted already. But he did pretty good. He didn't blow bubbles in the water, but hopefully he'll figure it out soon. Canyon starts his swimming lessons on June 10, so I'll let you know how he does! Poor Conner doesn't go until July since I can only take 1 baby at a time. Here's the only picture...

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