Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Twins Get Big Boy Beds!!!

Okay, this has been a couple of weeks ago, I'm pretty far behind. But, Conner had started climbing out of his crib. So we went back and forth as to what to do with them. I wasn't sure if I should just get them twin beds, or maybe the twin beds that will turn into bunk beds when they are ready. Well, we decided to wait on all that and we went with the toddler beds. Canyon went straight to a twin bed at 18 months because the twins were coming and I wasn't going to have 3 cribs in the house, so I missed the whole toddler bed thing with him. And since the twins share a room, the toddler beds give them more space. (Wow, I can ramble on and on about nothing, huh??)

So one bed arrived on a Friday (I ordered them online at the same time) with no sign of the other bed. So I went ahead and assembled it and showed the boys one of their new beds. They were so excited!!! They just sat on it forever. I finally told them that it was time to go night night and they both went and got their blankies and laid down next to each other in the one toddler bed. I was sure that they would be playing and out of the bed in no time, but I told them good night and closed the door. I went in later to check on them and they were both asleep in this tiny toddler bed!!! It was too cute!

Since then, we did get the other bed, although both beds were damaged. So they have been sleeping in their new beds. About 50% of the time they get up and play in their room in the dark. It's funny. I'll hear them screaming (they apparently have NO idea how loud they are) and I'll walk in and they both sprint to their bed. Or I'll go in and they are both sitting together looking at books with the light from the nightlight. They are sneaky. I'm pretty sure Carter is the instigator. Anyways, they are doing pretty well, overall. We are going to do a few things in their room, then I'll add more pictures.

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