Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Fun

We started the day at the 4th of July parade in Temple Terrace. Papa and Granny went with us and had a good time. We were at the very beginning of the parade route and got overloaded with candy and beads. I still haven't cleaned out the back of my van where I dumped the stroller out. I'm sure everything is nice and melted by now! EWWW!!!

Everyone wanted to give Carter and Conner beads...

Macie says "Happy Birthday America!"
Thanks for the super close parking spot Uncle P!
It's impossible to get them all smiling -- or even looking happy.

Canyon and his Becky...
Grandma and Aunt Nikki...
Richard, Whitnee, and Grandpa enjoying the great view of the fireworks...
(That's leftover parade candy Canyon's chewing on...)

Come back soon Richard and Becky!!!

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